Description: A fun energetic pop/rock groove with fun synth leads.

Description: Powerful, raunchy Hard Rock track with solid drum groove, catchy riffs and edgy lead guitars. Laid-back, sexy and dark, this track is perfect as a groovy background track for your project.

Description: Upbeat, instrumental backing music.Has a light, positive feel with a mid tempo rhythm..

Description: Nostalgic, Light rock song with a mid tempo groove. Think of a drive down the pacific coast highway with the top down. This song promotes a positive vibe, and had a catchy groove that will cause you to reminisce back to your teen years. Very 1979' esque.

Description: Brilliant brass fanfare into more subdued close in classical style.

Description: Future Sexy Blues is a fast, high energy contemporary electro rock in the style of Fat Boy Slim, The Chemical Brothers, the Prodigy, Moby and Beck. A driving distorted electric slide guitar riff is joined by a funking scuzzy electric bass guitar, pounding drum beats and grooving Synth swirls and loops to create an irresistible force of smoking hot energetic electro rock.

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