Description: Distinctive rhythm guitar a la 'knight rider' theme. midtempo.

Description: Wild wind and speedway, youth and easy madness! Daring guitars, reckless bass and funky drums will not let you relax) This track fits well into any video project, game, commercial, video review, radio and many other bold projects!

Description: classic rock bluesy tune similar in feel and sound to rolling stones, early aerosmith etc.

Description: Lush moving emotive climactic climax intense deep profound.

Description: This track in the style of classic pop rock will give your projects ease and good mood!    Overdrive guitars, swinging bass, moderate drum rhythm, tambourine and shaker, and solo guitar create a classic rock and roll sound!     Ideal for holidays, fun, wedding video, travel, video intro, soundtrack, relaxation, business, YouTube channel, podcast, advertising, background, shopping, building, video textures, video about the city, fashion, sport, joyful events, corporate video, car driving and any upbeat, motivational and inspirational projects !!!

Description: fifties rock instrumental, original music from seattle.

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