Description: Solo Acoustic Guitar music with ethereal synth pad perfect for meditation, prayer, or relieving stress and refreshing for soul and spirit. Also works well for physical therapy, yoga, hospital and wellness campaigns, corporate multi-media and documentaries

Description: Instrumental alternative pop/rock

Description: Female indie rock track with heavy distorted guitar and driving bass line. Very grungy with a 70’s style to it. Heavy live sounding drums and sultry female vocals.

Description: Minimal Female vocal indie rock track with heavy distorted guitar and synth drums, has a blues type guitar riff, great for soundtrack. This has a very underground alternative feel to it. Sounds typical of the minimal rock out there today.

Description: Easy listening rythmic piece inspired by the beauty of the night

Description: Laid back, relaxing pop rock instrumental with acoustic and electric guitars, synth&drums.

Description: Instrumental alternative pop/rock

Description: Very confident and uplifting modern pop/rock instrumental with an energetic, upbeat feel

Description: Thick break-beat drums, old-school funky drum loops, big spacey build-up effects, thick layered trance style synth stabs, low pounding wood synth bass, and haunting piano-choir chord stabs / Perfect cue for any film or TV show that needs alternative synth rock in the vein of early Linkin Park or Limp Bizkit.

Description: Positive, soaring upbeat rock instrumental track with pop rock guitars for corporate, commercial or celebratory moments.

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