Description: This mellow but strong and driving ambient track lopes along at a steady pace, incorporating organic instruments like an acoustic guitar, shakers, and piano along with ethereal synth sounds to give it a retro, spacey feel. Positive and optimistic, this song is at once down to earth and otherworldly.

Description: Hope stands strong as the faithful man pledges his faith to his family and his mission. A family comes together after the near death experience of a relative. Hope fills the school halls as the High School Football team wins its first ever championship. Vibe: Redemption, hope, love, sweet, dreams,, Instrumental, Science Fiction, Ambient Soundscape

Description: Elegant, soft, uplifting and positive, this folk acoustic track is a beautiful blend of guitars, piano, drums and bass. It's a dreamy and inspiring track that is great as background music to summertime or autumn visuals that requires a touch of tenderness, joy and softness or even upbeat productions that need a feel-good vibe that takes you on a journey.

Description: An mellow folk-rock song featuring male vocals, vocal harmonies, drums, and organ. Instrumental track available.

Description: An uplifting, contemporary acoustic track, and features a strong, fingered acoustic guitar riff, acoustic guitar body tapping, live drums and bass. The track also has a sublime breakdown to Rhodes piano, french horns, strings and glockenspiel, which builds back to the main groove.

Description: Slow, mellow, indie folk-rock song featuring male vocals, vocal harmonies, organ, electric piano and varied percussion. Instrumental version available.

Description: Mellow, indie-rock song featuring male vocals, vocal harmonies, piano, organ, lapsteel, shaker and ambient noise. Instrumental version available.

Description: Rock, Drama, Drama-Human Emotions, Expressive, Positive, Poignant, Building, in a Poignant, Positive, Reflective mood, featuring Drums, Percussion, Guitar, Acoustic, Piano, Strings, with a Slow tempo

Description: an inspirational song about adapting to change.

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