Description: A masculine piece with a good beat that feels tuff.

Description: An alternative rock track with intense feeling which contains electric guitar and drums. Fits with all types of epic action/thrill, romantic epic love production, a Man passenger thinking his way and much more.

Description: Funny melody about jorney, spring and adventures. Includes LIVE instruments: Acoustic guitar, bass, electric guitar. Drum samples.

Description: Melancholic Acoustic Rock track… Sad and lonely melodies with a depressed feeling.

Description: Ballad-Type Acoustic Guitar Rhythm accompanied with cellos and percussion.

Description: Just background of a rock song - energetic, driving and playful! Purely acoustic variant.

Description: This cheerful, positive track based on acoustic and clean electric guitars. It is a loop length of 1 min 56 sec. Great for movies,video games,animation,credits,presentations,advertising etc.

Description: The power of nature in a rough, acoustic, instrumental song made essential by the only use of an acoustic guitar, a floor tom and an e-bow guitar playing the final solo of the song.

Description: Sad, disenchanted, dark acoustic guitar arpeggio and a drastically riverbed voice that seems to come from the dead people world

Description: Rock, Alternative, Acoustic, Pop, Mainstream, John Mayer