Description: Dark acoustic Rock instrumental featuring Stacey Blades on guitar.

Description: Downtempo, sentimental acoustic guitar piece.

Description: A sexy suspenseful rock instrumental with a mysterious anticipation element, electric guitars, good bass guitar and drum groove, good for suspense, mystery, sexy and similar.

Description: Complete ballad with guitar melody. Drums, bass, keys are included.

Description: It's an acoustic song performed by musicians from the metro in New York. The bright acoustic guitars and a lot of space, is the main things of this track. Perfect for presentations or reviews.

Description: This is Easy Acoustic Background track. Bright and clear. Acoustic guitars, real guitar sound, piano, smooth bass, easy drums and warm string pads. Best for commercial, advertisment, presentations, upbeat optimistic videos and much more

Description: The energetic inspirational music without vocals. Rhythmic instrumental with clear bass support, with two sonorous acoustic guitar and piano. Perfect for advertising, television and websites. It creates a positive perception of your product in the listener. Great separates the customer from the daily bustle and adjusts to the correct joyful

Description: A fast paced and outgoing strumming acoustic guitar and electric bass 30 second spot. It has a fun energetic cheerful feel to add to a visual of audio broadcast underscore. 132 BPM key of G major.

Description: Far Away is a beautiful and emotional lite rock ballad track. Featuring instruments like the acoustic guitar, strings, piano, bass and drums.

Description: A happy and outgoing pair of strummed acoustic guitars with bass guitar that has a optimistic nostalgia feel. It's a walk on a summer beach that leaves behind two pairs of... "warm sandy footprints embedded in the sky only left longing memories embedded in my mind" (Electron Planet 2014) 110 beats per minute.