Description: Upbeat acoustic pop/folk track with guitars, cello, piano and percussion. Happy and carefree feeling throughout.

Description: This is a very emotional and romantic love music in the timeless style of slowrock. Perfect for Valentine's Day and any project that speaks of love.

Description: An uplifting, contemporary acoustic track, and features a strong, fingered acoustic guitar riff, acoustic guitar body tapping, live drums and bass. The track also has a sublime breakdown to Rhodes piano, french horns, strings and glockenspiel, which builds back to the main groove.

Description: Melancholy mellow acoustic soft rock driven by strong bass line

Description: instrumental with organic instrumentation and acoustic guitar, pretty.

Description: Rock, Drama, Drama-Human Emotions, Expressive, Positive, Poignant, Building, in a Poignant, Positive, Reflective mood, featuring Drums, Percussion, Guitar, Acoustic, Piano, Strings, with a Slow tempo

Description: Acoustic guitar based pop/rock rack that is fun, flowing and optimistic.

Description: experimental instrumental with organic instrumentation, acoustic guitar, and synth

Description: Religious & Spiritual, Religious-Christian, Rock, Rock-Soft Rock, Cheery, Confident, Contemporary, Enthusiastic, Positive, Pleasant, Feel Good, Happy, in a Confident, Energetic, Happy, Positive mood, featuring Bass, Drums, Piano, Guitar, Acoustic, Electric, with a Mid tempo

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