Description: Upbeat acoustic pop/folk track with guitars, cello, piano and percussion. Happy and carefree feeling throughout.

Description: Singer/Songwriter song Lyrics Sing me a new song Sing me a new song Sit right down and sing it to me Sing it out with heart and soul Warm and tenderly Take the guitar in you hand Tune it up and start to play Play the cords and pick the strings In your own special day We are looking for a new tune We are looking for a new melody You know what the people wonna hear Sing it load and clearly Everyone wants to listen to you Everyone should sing with you Should feel like you do See the faces all around you Let the people dance Feel the power in your voice Feel it in your hands Thank you for the invitation Thank you for the presentation Of your brand new work that you will perform tonight No one else can do this No one has the inspiration This is the moment you’ve waited for This is the occasion Feel the expectation everywhere Let the music play Don’t be shy and let it out There is nothing more to say Music is a new dimension Every time a sweet sensation Now do you feel the tension between you and me? © Matthias Wichtrup All right reserved

Description: An uplifting, contemporary acoustic track, and features a strong, fingered acoustic guitar riff, acoustic guitar body tapping, live drums and bass. The track also has a sublime breakdown to Rhodes piano, french horns, strings and glockenspiel, which builds back to the main groove.

Description: Melancholy mellow acoustic soft rock driven by strong bass line

Description: A song about time and dreams. Reflection about the past and the future. Slow male vocal about life, looking back in a soulful, melancholy way. Remember dancing all night long and other youthful adventures, and how the years can wash away your dreams.

Description: Rock, Drama, Drama-Human Emotions, Expressive, Positive, Poignant, Building, in a Poignant, Positive, Reflective mood, featuring Drums, Percussion, Guitar, Acoustic, Piano, Strings, with a Slow tempo

Description: Acoustic guitar based pop/rock rack that is fun, flowing and optimistic.

Description: Religious & Spiritual, Religious-Christian, Rock, Rock-Soft Rock, Cheery, Confident, Contemporary, Enthusiastic, Positive, Pleasant, Feel Good, Happy, in a Confident, Energetic, Happy, Positive mood, featuring Bass, Drums, Piano, Guitar, Acoustic, Electric, with a Mid tempo

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