Description: reggae, dub, roots, rasta, bob marley, soja, jamaica, hemp, cannabis, cinematic, soundtrack, theme

Description: An organic Dub track with some serious groove to it. This song is captivating by the rhythm and melody of the Bass.

Description: Chillout ambient electronica. Hope, love, adventure, trust, sadness, happiness, emotional, longing

Description: This is an reggae instrumental it has catch melody to it. This type of beat is what mainstream artists such as Damian Marley, Elephant Man, Shabba Ranks, Bob Marley, Nas, and others uses. This has a reggae style to it and it has various build ups, break downs, and changes while keeping the same feel this is industry standard.

Description: reggae, dub, roots, tribal, jamaica, experimental

Description: Midtempo groovy Reggae beat, with soulful and perky organ sounds...this will remind you of the ice cream truck coming down the street.

Description: Midtempo, bright Reggae number featuring perky organ.

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