Description: A gentle smooth jazz piece, featuring vibraphone, acoustic bass, strings section and trumpet. Cool background music for sweet scenes.

Description: A cool hip hop track with modern drum loops and synthesizer parts.

Description: instrumental perfect for songwriters. also perfect for use in independent films, video games, and other forms of visual media.

Description: Song about being grateful for the one you have, cause you wont ever really know til he's gone.

Description: A dark, edgy, R&B Pop track with ragga/dance hall feel

Description: Smooth sensual RnB/ Pop/ Trap beat. Perfect for a lifestyle/ fashion vlog.

Description: Positive talk for positive emotions.

Description: Glad To Know Ya (T-BO from THB) is love R&B song for all mood

Description: Soul, R&B, Rhythm and Blues, Electronic, Film, Dramatic, Mellow, Dance, Smooth

Description: Vintage Soul From Yesteryear. A vintage and retro piece of groovy soul music with classic hammond organ lines, funky soulful guitars, and warm drum tracks. Soulful, classic and cool, perfect to capture that original 60s Motown sound, or a vintage 70s soul record.