Description: wonderful background music for a videos or TV shows involving cooking, woman products, fitness etc.

Description: R&B sounds like R Kelly, j cole, New R&B sound

Description: Slow Steamy Instrumental with rhythm

Description: Electric Piano and brass instrumental

Description: A smooth Jazzy RnB song about having found true love. Man and Woman or Man and God. This song bridges the Spiritual and the secular. Great Guitar work reminiscent of George Benson. Great for ANY love, romance or romantic scene or theme. Male Vocals, Jazz Music, Soul Jazz | Groove

Description: Cool RnB Jazzy song about having nothin' ... and it being not half bad, if shared by two. Heartfelt lyrics and a great saxophone groove. Great tune for ANY scene or theme about true love. Romantic. Honest Straight Forward, Male Vocals, RnB Music, Smooth Soul

Description: Bittersweet track of love gone wrong.Thought that he had her but comes to find out that he was mistaken.Every little thing he now does is all wrong.No chance for a healing with this one and he knows it.Serious Male vocal and a Semi-comical female rap and hot saxophone throughout.Smoldering Motown old school groove.

Description: A futuristic R&B beat with funky chords and a catchy groove

Description: A cool R&B/Pop cue great for any media.