Description: sounds like rihanna, katy perry pop/R&B

Description: pop instrumentals sounds like pitbull, florida, lady Gaga,

Description: wonderful background music for a videos or TV shows involving cooking, woman products, fitness etc.

Description: R&B sounds like R Kelly, j cole, New R&B sound

Description: Soothing R&B loop with poppy chords perfect for background music

Description: Sad Love RnB slow rnb track with piano, e piano, synth lead, synth pad, bass, drum. good for background music, vocals, app, web, tv, radio, any your media projects.

Description: classical guitar solo , voice ritmo.

Description: Elegant, trendy and fashionable r'n'b loop ideal for commercial, tv and projects that need a touch of luxurious style

Description: sould band style instrumental - lots of piano, hammonmd organ, sax etc - a real 'feel good' tune.

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