Description: Upbeat modern Dance Pop track with catchy synths and driving dance club beat. Get the party started!!

Description: Emotional modern pop ballad with piano, drums and synths. Great for sentimental background music with a cool modern touch!

Description: A gentle, friendly and very warm acoustic new-age/jazz tune featuring piano, guitar,electric piano, ukulele, acoustic bass and drums.

Description: Mellow, relaxing modern Pop/R&B ballad. Solid groove and quirky, catchy synths.

Description: I was looking up at the sky and thought of lyrics such as 'birds that fly and high in the sky.' But the most important line I came up with was what became the title, 'Shining In My Hair;' which I meant to suggest that I was different from others; something everyone noticed but can't put their finger on.

Description: My recorded heartbeat from a sonogram is heard in the intro as my arranger-producer dad wanted to convey the very special interest he had in my arrival even half-way through gestation by recording my heart with a handheld cassette recorder in a physicians office.

Description: Very emotional modern Pop ballad with beautiful piano melody, strings and cool Hip Hop groove.

Description: Digital Funk is a funky slice of pop electronica in the style Daft Punk. Built around an irresistible funk groove featuring disco house beats and the coolest smoothest bass riff, the unmistakable sound of a Fender Stratocaster electric guitar is the centrepiece of the track. Luscious synth leads and pads flesh out the song and make it the grooviest of the groovy.

Description: Separation resulting from a relocation and the painful revelation is the subject of this lyric and the love that was interrupted by its fulfillment.

Description: funky guitar riffs and bass grooves surrounded by some light keyboard sounds and some modern drum beats.