Description: Catchy, fun, kids-oriented contemporary pop. Mid-tempo, shuffle feel.

Description: We all want to be at the top of our game. We want to successfully journey to our goal. This song captures a successful, forward motion to achieve just that. It engages the listener in a positive manner to keep striving forward. It is motivational, light and energizing. Use this under score for your product, commercial or film to empower your audience.

Description: Fun, catchy kids-oriented instrumental pop. Hopskotch-style rhythm with synth melody line; electronic beats, guitar, marimba supplement.

Description: I was looking up at the sky and thought of lyrics such as 'birds that fly and high in the sky.' But the most important line I came up with was what became the title, 'Shining In My Hair;' which I meant to suggest that I was different from others; something everyone noticed but can't put their finger on.

Description: driving drum beats and some funky bass lines surrounded by some light and keyboard sounds and effects.

Description: funky guitar riffs and bass grooves surrounded by some light keyboard sounds and some modern drum beats.

Description: Separation resulting from a relocation and the painful revelation is the subject of this lyric and the love that was interrupted by its fulfillment.

Description: Upbeat Pop/Dance track with funky guitar, groovy beat and catchy synths. Builds into cool chorus section. Energetic and fun.

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