Description: Catchy, fun, kids-oriented contemporary pop. Mid-tempo, shuffle feel.

Description: Upbeat powerful R&B track with cool synths and catchy samples. Very groovy and edgy.

Description: Catchy dance/pop groove. With a solid relentless beat and driving piano, this track will make your feet move. Great for energetic Radio and Television commercials, fashion, trendy products, background music for movement.

Description: We all want to be at the top of our game. We want to successfully journey to our goal. This song captures a successful, forward motion to achieve just that. It engages the listener in a positive manner to keep striving forward. It is motivational, light and energizing. Use this under score for your product, commercial or film to empower your audience.

Description: Upbeat, energetic modern dance track with driving beat and catchy synths. Guaranteed to get you movin!

Description: An upbeat instrumental pop track spiced up by some rock and electronica. Instrumentation: electric bass, synthesizer, electric guitar, synth drums, electric organ.

Description: Modern Pop Dance track with solid beat and catchy synths.

Description: Catchy, cool and hip electric guitar lead indie pop underscore with a good strong beat. Perfect for commercials for youth products, fashion and feel good. friendly goods and services. Various mixes

Description: A indie-rock band style, a frenetic, spicy, bright riff. For videos, opening titles, presentations. Perfect for high school life situation, funny and crazy teen adventures. Ideal for tv-series as "Friends" or "Zoey101". Instrumental, Pop Music, Boy Band Pop

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