Description: Up tempo house/soul with female vocals

Description: Catchy Pop Reggae Soul vocal with a great groove! Slamming rhythm section and female BG vox too, a nice one.

Description: Contemporary pop/rock ballad. Pleasant sound of classical instruments mixed with groovy beats and strings. This is a sentimental and romantic pop ballad with piano, woman voice and choirs, emotional and deep drums, live orchestral strings.

Description: At the heart of the instrumental composition lie bongos and keyboards, the guitar easily conducts a melody. The mood is calm, romantic.

Description: Soft music, ideal for commercial purposes, advertising, movies, radoi, background!

Description: The *Rebirth* music theme sung a cappella (which practically means played just with vocals without other musical instruments) Joyful, uplifting, and playful celebrative mood. And yes: you wanna write it A CAPPELLA (not A CAPELLA neither ACAPELLA) because it is an italian word, just like all other italian words used in sheet music, tsk.

Description: "It Happened to You" is a melody suitable for dramatic narration. The piano and violins in the background will create a sensual atmosphere for your film.

Description: Blue Skies is a carried with a happy and uplifting chorus of soul vocal harmonies and beat boxing style percussion. This acapella pop song sounds like something an a cappella group like Pentatonix would produce, with a bright, hopeful, and inspirational style. This positive, soulful and cheerful song breathes positivity and makes you want to dance along to the infectious beat in the summer sun.

Description: This is a soulful, and romantic afrobeat. Please visit my page to hear more awesome music.

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