Description: pop, fun energy, uplifting, motivational, retro, motown drums, brass, organ

Description: A happy and upbeat pop track anchored by a driving groove under funky guitars, electric piano and synthesizer parts.

Description: A modern pop track featuring funky guitars, synth stabs, cool drums and hardcore bass.

Description: An awesome track featuring cool bass and guitars with support from modern synthesizer lines and a driving groove.

Description: pop, fun light energy, upbeat, summer, funky guitar, string lines, synthesizer and bell melody, modern, drum loops and groove

Description: A modern pop track with a funk feel highlighted by a driving groove and cool synth lines and funky guitars.

Description: A modern pop track with funky guitars, a driving groove with cool synthesizer and trumpet lines.

Description: A laid back track with a retro feel coming from funky guitars and electric piano. It has good dynamics and builds nicely.

Description: A laid back and funky chill out track with rhodes, brass, funky groove, wah-wah guitar and organ.

Description: A very cool funk track highlighted by awesome guitars, brass, and big drums.

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