Description: An Uplifting, Euphoric, up-tempo pop rock instrumental, in the style of U2 / The Temper Trap

Description: Moderate tempo Pop song with a strong beat and acoustic guitars. Arranged with subtle electric guitar effects and background voices in the chorus.

Description: Alternative pop featuring echoing guitars and strings

Description: Fast Fun, Upbeat, Groovy,Quirky Organ, Horns, Guitars, Drums Trailer Theme

Description: This is a very bright and cheerful happy little number with a spring in its step. It will Bring an element of fun and excitement to the right project and is full of optimistic vibes and taughts of “ Brighter days” to come.

Description: An upbeat and melodic pop rock track, featuring catchy guitar lines, driving drums, uplifting synth leads and bright string sections. Perfect for commercial, motivational or sporting video projects.

Description: The shimmering electric guitar melodies are intense & textural. The driving determined drums are upbeat & deliberate. The rhythmic pulsing bass is strong & punchy. The bright acoustic guitar is colorful, positive & fresh. It's vibrant, youthful, captivating yet motivational, encouraging & empowering

Description: Fast Driving, Quirky, Groovy Guitars, Organ, Horns, Bongos 60s spy, Surfing

Description: Pop, rock cues featuring acoustic piano, electric guitars, bass, drums and synth pads.

Description: piano based pop/rock music with significant and dramatic string accompaniment.

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