Description: An upbeat pop tune with a nice vintage feel. Fun, lively, joyful, a little naive. Instrumentation: piano, acoustic drums, double bass, electric guitar, flute, trumpet

Description: A contemporary, modern style synth pop cue perfect for youtube videos, sounds like Katy Perry's recent hit. Driving chord synths, house style drums, uptempo, positive and uplifting vibe.

Description: Pop music that is fun, happy, pretty, and retro

Description: A steady driving, guitar riff based classic rock track with big guitars, pounding bass, and energetic live drums. Great for sports reels, upbeat corporate videos or energetic productions that need that musical lift.

Description: An uplifting piano lead pop music track with a bright, positive feel. Instrumentation: piano, strings, percussion, drums, synthesizer, acoustic guitar, trumpet, metallophone.

Description: Tight guitar based power-pop lunges into a sparkly, energetic dance track with hooky male vocals and pulsing, swirling synth textures flying overhead. Guitar power pushes through the electronics for a rocked out commercial sound. Version - No Vocals 60 Second

Description: Slowly filtering drums and bass swell with a whoosh effect into a bright, high energy dance track full of shimmering synths, driving bass and punchy dance beats. A sugary sweet bubblegum boy band gem. Version - No Vocals 60 Second

Description: A dance anthem with a gradual filtered intro leading into a mechanical sounding verse. Busy programmed drums give a persistent feel with bright, fluffy dance synths creating a carefree party vibe. Version - No Vocals, No High Synth

Description: A sweet, saccharine pop song with filtering bass bridging the gap between big, punchy drum beats. Melodic, upbeat and bright with pulsing synth colors filling up the background. Version - No Vocals

Description: An bright, upbeat reminder to the world to "lighten up" and have a good time! Sunny melodies, carefree attitudes, and fun percussion, even handclaps!! Sure to put a smile on your face with it's good natured, happy-go-lucky feel. Version - Instrumental 60 Second