Description: This piece should be used in presentations that require a funky, laid-back sound. The Synthbass and Hisynth components give this piece its funky character. Presentations that don't rely on too much energy or serious material would work well with this piec.

Description: This piece has a fairly slow tempo and creates a somewhat mystical atmosphere. The sound conjures up the image of walking at night in city streets and passing sidewalk musicians and other strange characters. This is a perfect sound for a psychedelic prese.

Description: This bubbling track exudes adventure, danger and risk. It is for those who know that The Matrix is real. The energy here automatically conjures up action scenes and otherworldly powers.

Description: Presentations requiring a pop dance beat would benefit from this piece. The Bass component gives it energy and the Space component recall the 80s decade a bit. This piece may work well with corporate presentations that are designed to tell a story.

Description: The music is gentle and sensual, built on two contrasting chords. Acoustic and electronic elements mix to provide an eclectic and smooth sound over an infectious beat. The piano solo adds some energy and contrast to the remainder of the track, which is la.

Description: This slow piece creates a certain funky, carefree atmosphere. It goes well with slow, flashing images or animation. Presentations that wish to sell products or service based on image may benefit from this piece.

Description: There is something unique and distinctive about this track that is not readily apparent but it has something to do with the quality of the drums and the light timbres used. The track gives off a sense of pleasure and relaxation and yet has a slight elemen.

Description: This piece has a funky groove. It combines elements of jazz and funk and makes it ideal for almost any presentation that requires a bit of an attitude or a departure from the expected. This piece should work for audiences of all ages.

Description: This piece has a fairly slow and funky groove. One can imagine a gospel choir clapping and swaying from side to side, about to sing lyrics. This sound may work very well when used in extreme contrast with the visuals. The result may be surprising and orig.