Description: This light and moody pop tune has a funky beat. The piano gives it an ethereal feel. Use it in introspective presentations that blend emotion, thought and a little rhythm.

Description: The disco flavor in this tune is achieved with the strings and electric piano. Use it in presentations requiring a retro feel or simply a carefree spirit. This SoundSet goes well with flashing images possibly of people and things that are fashionable.

Description: The beat and the piano create a contrast within the piece. The piano part is pensive and a little moody but the beat is strong and driving. Use this sound in an edgy presentation that requires a little emotion and contrast, a hint of shadowy, dark, emotio.

Description: Nice string sounds with a soft piano melody over a laid-back beat will put your audience at ease. There are two drum parts to this tune; the second accents the beat quite a bit. Use this sound in presentations that take your audiences on a trip to the pas.

Description: A jazzy pop tune built on a blues scale with two drum sets energizes this beat. It is best suited for presentations involving people, simplicity and fun. The mood is carefree and happy, perfect for bringing to life any non-serious presentation.

Description: This tune has a catchy dance beat with some synth-pop elements. The piano melody descends gently down the scale making this tune ideal for presentations that wish to convey a positive mood and a carefree happy experience.

Description: This tune can be characterized by its sensual and rhythmic piano component. The strings on top add an element of mystery and mood. The overall effect is that of reminiscence, of delving into a past of fond memories perhaps. Use it in presentations that wi.

Description: Slinky and happy, this sound is ideal for a hip and young-minded presentation. A syncopated effect is created with the stabs. The brassy sounding lead also adds an element of funk to the overall sound.

Description: A casual tune that puts your audience at ease… The piano line has a nice delay effect on it making the overall sound spacious. Use it wherever you need a mellow sound.

Description: Laid back and mellow, this soundset has a nice kick to it. The floating melody above the beat has a bit of an eerie effect, like that of the instrument, the theremin. Use this tune in presentations where unconventional music is needed.