Description: An bright, upbeat reminder to the world to "lighten up" and have a good time! Sunny melodies, carefree attitudes, and fun percussion, even handclaps!! Sure to put a smile on your face with it's good natured, happy-go-lucky feel. Version - Instrumental 15 Second

Description: Electro-pop with atmospheric vocal and percussion effects. Heavy drum programming dominates over a simple repetitive bass line with echoing piano joining in. Silky synth textures join in for the chorus with a shimmering feel and contemporary vibe. Version - Instrumental 15 Second

Description: Breezy and easy-going with a quirky, trendy instrumentation and melody. Drum kit leads in with a simple beat and is joined by a jangly acoustic guitar, bass and flute pad. Oddball piano melodies Wurlitzer textures add a sense of whimsy and kitschy coolness. Version - Instrumental 15 Second

Description: Airy and effervescent, organic and reserved, acoustic guitars chime through a glassy wall of pads and glistening bell textures. Echoing vocals resonate wintry, peaceful melodies as drum kit and bass add a contemporary feel. Version - Instrumental 15 Second

Description: The setting: a tropical beach with the warm red sun setting in the distance. Trendy with an almost reggae beat combined with contemporary easy pop elements and long, harmonized guitar textures. Carefree and easy-going, a perfect backdrop to a "no worries" type of day. Version - Instrumental 15 Second

Description: An organic, laid-back song with an uplifting feel and romantic notions. Ethereal pads combined with a drum loop and synth melody lead into a cool, freewheeling chorus with glistening, sweet vocals, bright percussion and spacious piano effects. Version - Instrumental 15 Second

Description: Acoustic guitars, shakers, and beat-box (yes beat-box!) launch into a upbeat, carefree tune complete with sing-along "la da da's"! Hand percussion adds a summery feel with soaring melodies that are hard to resist. Happy, cool, and lively with an organic, acoustic-driven feel. Version - Instrumental 15 Second

Description: Dark and bittersweet with echoing melodies and sweet string textures over nylon guitar arpeggios. Poignant and reflective in feel and a contemporary, artistic sound combine to create an intelligent indie rock track. Version - Instrumental 15 Second

Description: Moody and mysterious sounding indie folk pop. Sweet, saccharine vocal performance saunters over dark sounding piano textures and ambient drum loops leading into a full sounding pop chorus. Minor chord structures give a pensive, sentimental feel while the vocal is inviting and intriguing. Version - Instrumental 15 Second

Description: Hipster ethereal, cool and trippy, this edgy track will definitely give you a large dose of contemporary power. Spacey vocal effects cover the raucous guitar intro with drums and bass thundering underneath. The verses dial back with echoing guitar parts and a hooky melody. Version - Instrumental 15 Second