Description: There are several dimensions to this tune with its pop, electronic and classical elements. The primal beat grounds the music while the classical strings drive it forward through a slew of sixteenth notes. This sound may be ideal for productions that conta.

Description: The beat of this piece gives it its pop element. It creates a bit of a dark atmosphere. The bass and drums drive it forward. Presentations that wish to add an element of mystery would benefit from this sound.

Description: This piece has a steady, unobtrusive beat making it ideal for cutting-edge corporate presentations. The Scratch component gives it a hip-hop flavor. This piece can be used in almost any presentation that requires the music to complement the visuals withou.

Description: This piece takes one back to the Disco years. The beat is sensual and flowing. Presentations that need some retro sounds or that need to add a fun, carefree element would work well with this piece.

Description: This SoundSet has a nice dance rhythm with a sustained string note at the top. The sound is carefree and modern. Presentations with flashing images and contrasting colors and light effects would work well with this tune.

Description: This tune goes well with non-serious presentations that wish to portray fun and youth. The organ component provides a hint of funk and jazz. The music would lend itself to humorous, clever, or even sophisticated situations or themes.

Description: A classic disco tune for those presentations requiring a retro sound. The beat is infectious and sure to get your listener’s feet moving. Movies involving fashion and perhaps off-the-wall ideas would work very well with this tune.

Description: This jazzy pop tune will surely get the rhythm moving through your body. The popping bass line, the horn hits and the drums all work together to get your groove on. The sound portrays fun, enjoyment, and motion. Use it to liven up any presentation.

Description: Youthful and energetic, this tune appeals to a younger audience with its modern contrasting pop elements. Use it in productions involving culture, current trends and image.

Description: A delicious meld of synth pop and bright melodies animate this energetic sound. Lots of contrapuntal activity provides a nice, full texture all atop a strong beat. A hint of elements from the 1980s can be found here but they are updated to provide a more.

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