Description: In your face, hot sexy catwalk fashion with maximum attitude. Upbeat hot hip hop. Main mix, underscore, 60, 30 and 10 sec versions

Description: Suggestive, spacious, mysterious music. Atmospheric track ideal for multimedia project, documentary, advertising use

Description: Peaceful, soft, warm, uplifting music track. Transparent pads, electronic percussion, pluck synthesizers and air piano creates a clear spirit, filled with positive emotions and energy of a new day. Suitable for the soundtrack, sound illustration or background music to your presentation.

Description: Dreamy techno with melodies and sidechained synths.

Description: Motivational track, ideal for: Sports presentations, motivational stories, stories of victory. Documentary movie about the heroic people. TV trailers, corporate videos, and more

Description: Electronic dance party urban nightclub beats with energetic electric guitar. Epic digital deep dubstep feel with grungy futuristic distorted synthesiser. Upbeat adrenaline driving bass with powerful edgy industrial drums. The heroic youthful rave vocals are triumphant, exhilarating, emotive & fun.

Description: This is a positive and uplifting track in a modern dance-pop style. Excellent tunes with catchy synth riffs and sound effects, as well as strong drums and bass, give your project the energy and power. Great for various projects, such as corporate, advertising, commercial, TV, radio, etc.

Description: 80's style Pop Ballad with solid beat and catchy synths

Description: hiphop, pop, rnb hybrid instrumental

Description: A cute, pop, dance love song, in the theme of computers, robots and artificial intelligence.

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