Description: Modern Top-40 sound with electric guitars and a strong backbeat. Driving bass guitar and synthesizers give the song a club-like feel.

Description: Solid dance beat with mysterious synths and flowing strings. Builds into powerful chorus section.

Description: Suggestive, spacious, mysterious music. Atmospheric track ideal for multimedia project, documentary, advertising use

Description: Fresh Track for your Projects created with Love and Knowledge. More keywords: above, activism, advertising, and, avicii, background, bass, beach, bright, business, camp, catchy, celebratory, cheerful, climate, commercial, confident, cool, corporate, crazy current, dance, day, driving, edm, electric, electro, electronic, encouraging, energetic, energy, exciting, feel, first, for, free, fresh, fridays fun, funk, future, good, guitar guitar, happiness, happy, hey, holidays, hopeful, house, in, indie, inspiration, inspirational, inspired, inspiring, intro introduction, jingle, joyful, kids, kpop, midnight modern, motivate, motivation, motivational, music, of opener, opening, optimistic, party, piano, pinkzebra, playful, podcast, pop, positive, radio, rock, sale, school, show, skyline, soaring, sports, start, success, summer, sunny, synth, teen teenagers, the tokyo, trailer, trendy, tunes, upbeat upbeat, uplifting, vlog, vocal, vocals vocals, way, young, youth, youthful, blog, club, fashion, fitness, kygo, light, passion, sport, travel, tropical, vibe, summer

Description: This epic radio synth pop is going in happy One Direction! Justin Bieber play guitar and kiss you girlfriend, so Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato are free having a heart attack! Don't be sad, Carly Rae Jepsen and Taylor Swift will call me maybe, but that's what makes you beautiful! Miley Cyrus whistle epic piano to teen, while skrillex is being funny with 8 bit minecraft! For more Great Music and Sound effect, check out HeatleyBros Artist Page!

Description: Motivating Pop Electronic track with catchy synths and solid groove

Description: In your face, hot sexy catwalk fashion with maximum attitude. Upbeat hot hip hop. Main mix, underscore, 60, 30 and 10 sec versions

Description: This is an electronic rock instrumental, with electronics and organ, piano and drums.

Description: An uptempo indie dance track, with a catchy rhythm guitar backing, driving beats and expansive electronic melodies. Ideal as a backdrop music for presentations, podcasts and videos of all types.

Description: An intense organic/electronic tracks , with a driving pulse , and an overall searching / progress vibe

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