Description: This corporate and uplifting track is driven by acoustic piano, electronic rhythms, pulsating bass, and drums creating an atmosphere of inspiration, success and optimism. Perfect for commercial, corporate projects and presentations, promos, trailers. Creates a feeling of winning and achievement.

Description: Delight motivational corporate contemporary documentary people future science presentation business bright positive easy optimistic success life confidence uplifting trust positivity bright prospects luxury high-end cars jewelry fashion style extraordinary modern spirit state of the art design architecture noble clever smart phone apple mobile powerbook iphone.

Description: Pop tune that Inspires and Motivates lending to a successful corporate environment. Lead your corporate team to the top of your organization by providing an exciting, confident, empowering environment to teach or lead during presentations or videos.

Description: Cheerful, playful song,full of joyful moments and positive inspiration with upbeat guitar strum,piano,strings and sweet bells and female vocals.

Description: This underscore is super positive, fun and light. It is bright, bouncy and heartwarming, perfect for any product or service aimed at improving or enhancing someone’s life. It conjures up happy dreams and lighthearted thoughts.

Description: Corporate/Pop soundtrack, features ukulele, percussion, claps, acoustic drums, piano, bells and orchestra elements. Great for television commercials, youtube blogs, presentations and other projects.

Description: A motivational pop rock song that is great for the corporate setting. It will inspire your audience to sell, believe in or use your product service. It will also set the theme for your favorite TV show, movie or corporate event.

Description: Very positive, cheerful music. Could be used in a TV, advertising, commercials, Flash, background for web sites, comedy, video game ,children's show

Description: "Power Motivation" is a upbeat song played with several electric guitars, Drums, Bass and a synth lead sound which is a little bit quirky. It's pretty much pulling forward and upwards with high tempo feeling.

Description: A pop song, a bit eighties with a catchy melody, china kind of key. Use it for commercial, promotion, artistic video, motivational or publicity.

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