Description: Cheerful, joyful song,with happy vibe ,positive and uplifting melody in retro style. The track consists of a female vocal, acoustic guitar, contrabass,saxophone, vibraphone and claps.Perfect music for corporate video, website, advertising, TV show and other media projects.

Description: “Honey Pie” – is an energic joyful track with acoustic guitar strumming, nice guitar melody, woodblock and celesta. Its perfect for your corporate media, video etc. 120 BPM, G-major.

Description: Melodic,original dreamy track, with vibrant guitar team and sensual piano solo, which can be used as a background for romantic video, flash, websites.

Description: This is an upbeat happy bouncy track full of great optimism and fun. Its a new day, fresh start kind of feel and will fit in perfectly to the right project.

Description: Down tempo instrumental music with rhodes, pad, strings, twinkle guitar, synth, bass and drums. Gentle rhythmic keyboard chord with strings and guitar accompaniment makes pleasant mood.

Description: A positive and hopeful pop/rock track that blends synths with an orchestra section as well as electric guitars and drums The current sounds and the drum beat give this track a positive and uplifting feel evoking warmth and emotion.

Description: Rhythmic, Dynamic Pop Melody that focuses on an inspirational theme great for commercial, infomercials, videos, film, promotion videos. Creates a mood of compelling, enterprising and energetic atmosphere

Description: This corporate and uplifting track is driven by acoustic piano, electronic rhythms, pulsating bass, and drums creating an atmosphere of inspiration, success and optimism. Perfect for commercial, corporate projects and presentations, promos, trailers. Creates a feeling of winning and achievement.

Description: This is a bright and melodic soft pop-rock light rock track. Acoustic and electric guitars create an emotional, comforting, hopeful feeling in the listener. Great for young programming, commercials and visual media.

Description: Pop tune that Inspires and Motivates lending to a successful corporate environment. Lead your corporate team to the top of your organization by providing an exciting, confident, empowering environment to teach or lead during presentations or videos.