Description: This is where we belong. You and I are home. Genre: ballad, singer-songwriter | Subject: love, family, home | Instruments: guitar, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, electric bass guitar, drums | Mood: bright, calm, cute, happy, hopeful, inspiring, optimistic, positive, sunny, warm

Description: Synth techno club feel track that creates a winning and optimistic atmosphere. It is an up beat, motivational and rhythmic piece that is great for TV, Advertising, Internet, Infomercial, Product Launch, Seminars, Awards Ceremony, Business Settings, Night Club, or Cat Walk. It is a winning, confident piece that is sure to create a success.

Description: Feels so good that you want to return to your childhood days and start skipping along! Pop Rock tune that is light, bouncy and Fun featuring piano, hand claps and acoustic guitar. Great for a positive, care-free scene in a family, children’s or romantic movie. Would work in TV, Video, Movie, Ads, Children Promotions, ChildrenYouth productions.

Description: an uplifting instrumental featuring 12 string guitar, choir, orchestral tones and french horns.

Description: a sensitive feel good 30 second track.

Description: A happy uplifting tune.Perfect background music for those unforgettable summer beach relax moments..

Description: a positive mid-tempo 1 minute track with a strong finish.

Description: lounge groove with catchy trumpet & saxophone phrases.

Description: acoustic guitars combined with electronic drums & synths.

Description: a nice ac 30 second track.