Description: "Inspiring Indie Piano" is positive, inspiring and motivating composition in the modern style of indie pop. A balanced and powerful mix, melodic piano part, electric guitars, drums and spatial synthesizers. This track will be an excellent addition to your video project. Well suited for advertising, presentation, slideshow and much more.

Description: Song in Italian, with lyrics and music composed by me. Even the vocal interpretation is mine. It will please those who love the genre of Italian songwriting, with non-trivial texts. The musical arrangement combines typical instruments of the rock and classical genre (eg electric guitar and bass, violins, piano, percussions). In addition, the lead voice is accompanied by female vocalists, and they feel suggestive environmental sounds suggested by the words of the song.

Description: Uplifting and inspiring piece with cool R&B groove and happy whistle melody. This track is great as fun, carefree music to put everyone in a good mood!

Description: A fresh and stylish electro pop music. Good for positive projects-corporate video, advertisement, fashion shows, slideshow, bar and shopping mall.

Description: Fun, jumpy Pop track with guitar, funky synth leads and solid, punchy beat. Great for happy, uplifting, motivational use.

Description: A lively and upbeat track, made of warm drums and percussions, driving bass, funky guitars and electro synth keyboards. Use it for fashion, cool and fresh videos!

Description: This is an ambient positive indie modern and electronic pop music, full of fun and elegant. Great for party and clubs music, lounge bars, tropical and sunny beach music, Fashion shows, slideshow and presentation background, summer and travel shows, Summer music background, food and cooking show background and much more.

Description: This is a ballad with a punch! The guy's in love and believes the feeling is returned but he's bashful. He finally finds the courage to making his feelings known.

Description: Inspirational and motivational music track, with electric guitars, bass and drums. The catchy melodies and build up of the music will evoke feelings of success and achievement. Perfect background for commercials, corporate videos, presentations, promotions, TV shows and more.

Description: Pop style instrumental, perfect for films, trailers, soundtrack etc

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