Description: Upbeat Indie Pop is an fresh energetic and bright composition perfect for your corporate projects. This track is perfect for your media projects, advertising, promotional videos, corporate presentations, and many other videos.

Description: Acoustic Guitar Strumming, Simple Atmosphere, Flowing, Fun

Description: Simple Finger Picking Solo Guitar, Nice Atmosphere, Relaxing,

Description: Acoustic happy melodic tune with guitars and live instruments. Positive and dreaming.

Description: Whether big or small, this song talks about something that can take care of it all, which can be applied to many topics or situations from a small wipe to a little bit of love. The music is great as a vocal or instrument with a prominent acoustic feel perfect for showing the fun part of technology or to not take yourself too seriously.

Description: piano song. melancholic, romantic. loop-ready

Description: calm, inspiring, beautiful, laid back, acoustic pop.

Description: beautiful acoustic pop ballad

Description: Two Acoustic guitars .Track 5 From Krishna Acoustic album.

Description: Pop cues featuring acoustic piano, acoustic guitars, bass, drums and synth pads.