Description: A big epic instrumental rock opener in the style of British rock with a majestic piano and delay guitars over powerful and energetic drums and overdrive guitars. The track has a strong energy and is intended to attract immediate attention with glory and excitement. Suitable for action sports, big show announcements or spectacular product presentations.

Description: A positive, inspiring, optimistic, and modern corporate rock track. Includes driving electric guitars, bass, drums, synth and percussion. You can use this track as a background in your sport videos, slideshows, TV or advert.

Description: Great Day! is a positive and energetic track The happy melodies and rock/breakbeat instrumentation makes it well suited for any website, commercial or movie scene with a positive vibe. The music encourages the listener to forget about his/her worries and just feel good. This track can be adapted to your specific project Contact me at for more information!

Description: Retro Stars is a fast pace high energy track starting out with a driving retro like guitar riff you can tap your foot to, and builds to an explosion like rock/ pop chorus.

Description: guitar driven rock song with great vocal.

Description: An Instrumental version of So Happy: A feel-good love song with real drums and a happy chorus.

Description: An upbeat and optimistic rock track, featuring upfront electric and acoustic guitars, driving live drum beats, and backing pianos. This uplifting track is perfect for projects that involve sports, extreme sports, outdoor activities or any project which requires a positive and energetic background.

Description: Upbeat and driving. Warm acoustic guitars and harmonic electric instrumentation in the aims of The Cures Just like Heaven. Emotional composed ending. Great for commercials and youth-dramas.

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