Description: Fun quirky instrumental power pop/rock

Description: Mind blowing heart pumping drum based composition with a slow build up offering a very unique feeling and dramatic effect. Great for sound tracks and special situations in film and TV projects.

Description: An upbeat instrumental pop rock track with inspiring echoes layered over a steady pushing beat, instilling positivity and motivation. Instrumentation: electric guitar, electric bass, acoustic drums, piano.

Description: A big epic instrumental rock opener in the style of British rock with a majestic piano and delay guitars over powerful and energetic drums and overdrive guitars. The track has a strong energy and is intended to attract immediate attention with glory and excitement. Suitable for action sports, big show announcements or spectacular product presentations.

Description: Melodic instrumental pop/rock

Description: A pop/rock cue with lots of energy and a positive slant.

Description: An upbeat instrumental track in pop rock style, with layered echoes over a steady driving rhythm section and a positive, uplifting feel. Instrumentation: electric guitar, electric bass, acoustic drums, piano

Description: This is very inspiring and uplifting composition,with upbeat guitar chords,bright strings and bells. Positive,optimistic and energetic music for business, ideal background for corporate video, website, advertising, TV show and other media projects.

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