Description: Melodic instrumental pop/rock

Description: Uplifting and inspirational pop rock track. Indie rock sound, fresh and raw. Amongst many uses this track would work well with positive and motivational messages

Description: Music in the style of rock and roll with Disco elements.In a fast and rhythmic pace.Suitable for children’s parties, advertising and video.

Description: This is very inspiring and uplifting composition,with upbeat guitar chords,bright strings and bells. Positive,optimistic and energetic music for business, ideal background for corporate video, website, advertising, TV show and other media projects.

Description: Fun quirky instrumental power pop/rock

Description: A pop/rock cue with lots of energy and a positive slant.

Description: Motivating and inspiring musical composition in the genre of light. Light and fervent, cheerful and inspiring. It will charge you with positive, self-reliance, will set your thoughts to success! The fervent rhythm of acoustic drums, strong line of electric bass, acoustic and electric guitars, modern atmospheric sounds of the synthesizers. All this creates in the mix a dense and energetic flow of powerful sound, but at the same time, the lightness and transparency of the sound characteristic for pop-rock style is preserved. The choice of this track will be an excellent solution for motivational videos, corporate projects, videos about travel, active rest and other. Also Pop Rock Corporate is perfect for the background in your video blog, presentation and much more. Pleasant creativity!

Description: Great Day! is a positive and energetic track – The happy melodies and rock/breakbeat instrumentation makes it well suited for any website, commercial or movie scene with a positive vibe. The music encourages the listener to forget about his/her worries and just feel good. This track can be adapted to your specific project – Contact me at for more information!

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