Description: The anthem that carries the flame to the pedestal.

Description: Playful and fun litte snippet with clarinet, tuba and xylophone, ending in a positive mood for level complete, quest finished, scenario success or level up. Could also be intro to next level. Variants: 3s / 2s down / 2s down cymbal / 2s up / 2s up cymbal

Description: A cute and quirky oboe sting.

Description: A light and cute marimba sting.

Description: An orchestral fanfare ID that is a great ""call to action"" or ""announcement"".

Description: tension strings with percussion hit ending

Description: Short Military Snare Drum Roll Flourish

Description: Interesting, fun sound for the game, which expresses the victory, success, a new level. Here we use the instruments orchestra: violins, violas, cellos, double basses, French horn, xylophone, flute, percussion instruments.

Description: A light solo violin sting.

Description: Short transitional version of ww100023/ww200027, featuring French horns.

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