Description: Orchestral string music that is serious and dramatic.

Description: Crisp Snare Drum March Rhythm with Flourishes

Description: Epic, Heroic Trailer Music with full orchestra, choir and powerful drums. The piece is encouraging, pride and triumphant. Perfect for film/game trailers, sports, commercial projects and so on.

Description: piano, drum, string. Action, spirit, cinematic

Description: Prestigious, proud and triumphant march. Grand stately ceremonial march, full of pomp and splendour, based on Henry Purcell's Trumpet Tune. Perfect for royal occasions, state ceremonies and grand historic buildings and country estates. Documentary, commercials, radio, television and multimedia. 60sec and 30sec full and less harpsichord mixes

Description: Game background orchestral military music loop. Field drums and horns from troops marching band. This loop is good for history war game and video.

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