Description: A fusion of synth and percussion. Classic blend. Seemingly melodic. a thunderous synth melody firing over a classic drum pattern. Has a character that is anywhere yet everywhere. Dramatically and inspiringю

Description: Strong and powerful ceremonial music for inaugurations and introductions. Almost a bit old Russian style pompous symphony with melodic climaxes and bold ending.

Description: This track stays for ethical values, patriotism and hope. With the delayed snare drum it has a slightly reflecting feel. The song begins with a soft trumpet theme, grows with strings, piano, english horns, timpani; and ends with an emotional climax.

Description: The innocent piano begins soft, tender & sweet adding a gentle acoustic guitar gives a fresh energy, building with dramatic cellos and climbing violins the strings are bright, elegant & big. The drums add a rhythmic upbeat & fun background. From simple, warm, & sincere to a brilliant pop symphony.

Description: Journey to a Dream, music by who wants to make new discoveries, new horizons, event space, excellent substrate for videos about the adventures and sport, for cinema

Description: Strong deep powerful trumpet creates instant sense of dominance which is then backed by searing orchestral strings. The melody contains many dramatic highs and lows featuring a massive array of orchestral string instrumentation and marching drums. Very useful for dramatic film scene implying power, royal power or darkness.

Description: A tune in the style of Ludovico Einaudi and M. O'Donnell

Description: Epic cinematic cinema war battle fight hollywood orchestral film scores dramatic movie trailer tension suspense action dynamic huge heroic courageous daring legends myths valiant action film tv computer game dark attack.