Description: Dark longing, heartbreak, opera, classical with male vocal

Description: A very emotional Opera trackwith soaring soprano vocals supported by a beautiful orchestra.

Description: Exciting, giant ending, opera, orchestral, male vocal

Description: Mysterious dreaming music from the ancient past. Ethereal female voice over a soft dreamy synth pad.

Description: Old recording of a german classical song. Piano and tenor vocals.

Description: A short excerpt from Richard Wagner's opera "Lohengrin" without vocals and an ending added

Description: A happy, uplifting song with string orchestra, drums and female vocals.

Description: Plaintive piano chords with orchestral backing. Highly emotionally charged with delicate flute motif.

Description: Medium slow to largo vocal and orchestra based on It Is Well hymn starting with traditional chorus and moving into darker strings and piano.

Description: Spacious, emotional piece with haunting vocal performance and delicately arranged strings.

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