Description: Lights, Camera, Action, old west, scenic, panoramic, broad, picturesque

Description: Classic Western melodic track with spaghetti guitars, whistles, harmonica musical short elements in Ennio Morricone style. You can easily imagine a lonely cowboy with dusty boots and cigar in his mouth slowly riding in a hot prairie.

Description: A spaghetti western showdown complete with harmonica, electric guitar, loon calls, and harpsichord. Draw, partner!

Description: spaghetti western score in the style of ennio morricone.

Description: Want an extra order of Spaghetti with that Western? Ennio Morricone meets Duane Eddy, stand back, y'all!

Description: Harmonica and Honky Tonk piano combine with electric guitar which plays throughout providing a slow trotting, cowboy western style bass melody. The harmonicas lazy tune whales away throughout and has a slight comedy edge that could suggest a person stranded, or walking down a long road in search of water or hot desert landscape.

Description: Francesco Accardo it describes a trip through the mountains with wide roads, under a warm sun, leaving himself/herself/itself to the shoulders a tormented past.proper for spots, films, documentaries, Instrumental, Country Music, Alternative Country

Description: Far west whistle is A simple high spirited whistle piece that takes you back to the old west...

Description: Classic cowboy style theme music with plucky acoustic guitar, fiddle and traditional western instruments to create a sense of urgency and mystery.

Description: ragtime construction kit look for the others sc files.

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