Description: Lights, Camera, Action, old west, scenic, panoramic, broad, picturesque

Description: A spaghetti western showdown complete with harmonica, electric guitar, loon calls, and harpsichord. Draw, partner!

Description: Harmonica and Honky Tonk piano combine with electric guitar which plays throughout providing a slow trotting, cowboy western style bass melody. The harmonicas lazy tune whales away throughout and has a slight comedy edge that could suggest a person stranded, or walking down a long road in search of water or hot desert landscape.

Description: Enter the gunslingers! One Bad Hombre is a nod to the Hollywood spaghetti westerns of old. It’s a dirty, grimy little song featuring an array of four guitars – two acoustic and two electric. A simple drum pattern knocks out the rhythm to this rootin’ tootin’ six shootin’ dust up!

Description: Classic cowboy style theme music with plucky acoustic guitar, fiddle and traditional western instruments to create a sense of urgency and mystery.

Description: An western spaghetti style duel.

Description: an piano arrangement version of the american folk song: red river valley.

Description: The sound of the classic TV Westerns with a comedic twist. Featuring Baritone Guitar, Fiddle, Banjo and Woodwinds. Branson, MO. show setting.

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