Description: Large scale production, national news style opening, for your media project. Great for corporate intros, sports shows, or to liven up your podcast.

Description: rhythmical and melodical music cue.

Description: Perfect for the end of any event, or logout. Tempo - 130bpm.

Description: Epic action film score soundtrack with massive orchestral elements such as drums, percussions, strings, epic chorus, crash, drum hits, taikos, brass, horns and deep boom sounds. It is blending with trailer riser effects, downer effects for breathing between loops, pulses, building with ambient pads for atmospheric feeling and brilliant textures underscore. Mood is epic, dominant, escalating, uplifting, bold, experimental, motivational, explosive, boosting, suspense, impressive, expressive, triumphant, rhythmic. This music track is ideal for extreme cinematic trailers, big action films, original and creative science fiction trailers, imposing movie trailers, advertising, stunning commercials, fighting and chasing scenes.

Description: Calm and quiet track in a melancholic mood. Featured instruments are synths. Good for science video or a documentary film.

Description: Music for news broadcast, breaking news and network news. Modern sounds with synths and second blips.

Description: for various projects, corporate uses, video games, photo albums, slide show presentations, flash, animations, podcast, news, radio or anywhere one would want to inspire a light, feel good mood.

Description: Orchestral news reel music. Entertainment, period, 40's, news, broadcast, informative, big band, marching, heroic, victory

Description: Sports show theme full studio band-Full

Description: Fast and urgent music bed, Action style, suitable for Headline