Description: tv news sports section score from the dark mercury collection.

Description: Broad and expansive, big and insistent business theme with staccato violin section, confident cello section, mellotron flutes, steady percussion and powerful timpani. Main mix, 60sec and 30sec versions

Description: Strong, dynamic and serious business, news and information theme. Rhythmic synth bass combined with big orchestral stabs and strings. Main mix, rhythm talkover bed and 60, 30, 10 sec cuts available

Description: Fanfare for sports show or sports montage.

Description: an intro for a radio show. meant to have the introducer introduce the show overtop of the music.

Description: This is Space Battle Logo in Pop trance style, which can be used in battle games and movies, video, like musical background for websites etc…Enjoy and thanks for buying!

Description: Fun, exciting, energetic & quirky news energizer with electronic elements that grab attention. Breaking news, news energize, newscast opener, new media apps, quick pitch advert, flash animation, teenage mall shopping, introduction, game show tension. Modern and pulsing, dynamic, warm & wholesome.