Description: powerhouse news theme with a classic network vibe.

Description: A short and powerfull song for news titles or intro for TVshows or Radio Stations

Description: a strong beat that depicts hard hitting news.

Description: energetic, intelligent, world news, tv score, strings, synth heavy, syncopated, strong percussion.

Description: Full song for News on radio tv or Broadcast services.

Description: Prestigious, urgent and authoritative news and current affairs theme. Features strings, horn section, timps, sequencers over a steady beat. Main theme, logo front, middle extended bed, end logo & rhythm bed.

Description: Often it seems the best things come at us from where we are not looking and unexpectedly. Piano and nothing else!

Description: The perfect background for the news titles or special reports.

Description: The feel of floating carefree in a meadow on a lazy summer afternoon. Piano and nothing else!

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