Description: A calm. relaxing, meditative music.

Description: This is a pure piano piece. Would work great for tv, commercials, movies, websites and much more. Very thoughtful, uplifting, and inspirational

Description: Beautiful piano meditative musical theme for background and relaxation

Description: The chant is tuned at 3 different benevolent frequencies: 1. tone C5 @ 528 Hz, known as 'Healing Frequency', or 'Love Frequency', or 'Miracle Tone'. It has deep healing power and is good at DNA repair. 2. tone C4 @ 264 Hz, this frequency is related to personality and self improvement. It can help improve a particular personality trait. 3. tone C3 @ 132 Hz, this frequency is related to kidneys and coccyx. Good for those with kidney problems or coccyx pain. Please note there is one Tibetan bell sound in the very beginning. You can feel free to loop this 1.5 min to any lengths you want.

Description: The chant is sung in the purest frequency in line with Gaia… 432Hz. (tone A4) Bathe yourself in the most soothing OM on earth, accompanied by gentle sounds of beautiful ocean waves, and twinkling of clear crystal chimes, bringing you to a surreal dimension.

Description: Perfect for projects with theme related to universe, galaxy, space, new age, nature, time lapse videos, etc. all instruments are tuned at 432 hz, frequency known to be aligned with sounds of nature.

Genres: Royalty Free Music , Contemporary

Description: A beautiful and inspiring solo piano movement. This track may be incorporated into various types of media applications including, but not limited to, commercials, advertisements, film/television, wedding videos and corporate presentations.

Description: This is an ethereal peaceful ambient music full of mystery and atmosphere. great for meditation and yoga background, paradise and heaven scenes, dawn and sunrise, pastoral and nature trailer, love and emotions moods, angles and dream music intro and much more.

Description: Uplifting acoustic track with a alternative folk rock influence. Acoustic guitar, synth, drums, bass guitar.

Description: Soft Instrumental Pop-Ballad with Nylon Guitar lead

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