Description: a simple melody with acoustic guitar, developed into full orchestral presentation. very melodic, emotional, hopeful.

Description: Created specifically as Yoga music, the time and place for this recording is broad. It was produced, as is all Asoma Music, with prayer and an openness to serve the higher Good. It is contemporary sacred music. Whatever your choice of use for this music, open your heart and allow the healing power of Love to flow in and through you.

Description: Yoga, New Age Journey Through a Brooke Filled Forest.

Description: This is spiritual suspense music for mysterious places and events. It has exotic feelings and a veiled mystery like mist clearing from a high mountain pass to reveal a tense uncertainty. It includes an om drone foundation with a darker minor mode choir melody, a swirling singing bowl, mystical flute, wind chimes, and tibet transcendental bells. Uses can include yoga, reike, meditation, mysterious mental intrigue, and relaxation.

Description: Please enjoy the relaxation and float on a slow panning ambient texture that will awaken the imagination. This piece has a hypnotic fluid space with ambient dynamics and an embracing reoccurring string, bell, and choir melodic theme that ebbs and flows throughout the piece. It has imagination uplifting highs and moving ambient lows that give a sense of wonder and exploration. This ambient music sound scape is a great companion for voice overs, science fiction or fact, poetry, meditation, yoga, spa therapy or similar applications.

Description: extremely placid, enhanced by the sounds of water. also features the shakulute and some acoustic guitar with restful voices.

Description: Soft Core Powwow is a contemporary re mix of Native powwow music. With beautiful musical soundscapes, sacred chanting and traditional hand drumming. Relaxing but stirring

Description: One Day in a Life is the title song off my One Day in a Life album. It is a acoustic tune with a mid tempo. This is a nice pleasant tune to start ones day off upbeat but not over powering. Very nice.

Description: This song features piano, mandolin, acoustic guitar, viola, and french horn. It has a pastoral, folk-like sound and is reminiscent of a carefree spring day.