Description: Instrumental New Age music with acoustic guitar & nature sounds(voices of forest,birds & etc.)

Description: Music inspired by the human energy system to invigorate the senses. Each track is related to a specific energy center (chakra). Used for meditation, healing sessions, chakra work. The unique music can also be used for media presentations. Soothingly haunting!

Description: Relaxing nostalgic piano piece based on amazingly peaceful harmony. Good for movies, commercials, promotions, or as calming background / intro.

Description: This song is a relaxing, moving track. With the feel of a romantic walk along a moonlit beach. With waves gently brushing the shoreline.Ocean breeze is a sweet and moving piece featuring acoustic guitars accompanied by lush strings.

Description: an uplifting hand-drum groove, a triumphant flute melody and of atmospheric chords that melt your aura.

Description: This song features piano, viola, percussion, guitars, and melodic vocals. The song has a pastoral, folk-like sound with a soaring melody in the vocals and viola.

Description: acoustic, guitar, acoustic guitar

Description: A gentle, relaxing and dreamy music piece with percussion, piano, violins and lovely flute solo with panpipes – meditation music of Native Americans and south american Incas.