Description: New age binaural solfeggio beats for relaxation, meditation and well-being.

Description: Arrangiamento by Pierpaolo Beretta di un brano originariamente pianistico, tratto dall'album Stato Nascente di Luca Attanasio

Description: Soft Core Powwow is a contemporary re mix of Native powwow music. With beautiful musical soundscapes, sacred chanting and traditional hand drumming. Relaxing but stirring

Description: Brano tratto dall'album "Psikedelika" di Alaya

Description: Brano tratto dall'album "Psikedelika" di Alaya

Description: COMING FROM THE SOUL; reflects an exotic world in balance with the universe, musically drawn by powerful sounds that lead us little by little into a multi-instrumental climax. That ecstasy that reminds us from time to time, the most sublime places in India and its charming culture

Description: FLIGHT OF LOVE is a dreamy theme melody that invites us to fly and see the Earth from the top, feeling hope in the greatness of humanity. It is almost a hymn that lets us feel the fresh air and much of the wonderful feeling of love, accompanied by a voice that ends up becoming a real travelling Muse.

Description: new age instrumental Poetic with a spanish flamenco guitar in a jazzy context.

Description: A relaxing piece perfect for yoga, meditation, spiritual and healing sessions, etc. Performed by steel tongue drum.

Description: sounds like the famous singer a nice underscore

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