Description: new age with beautiful female vocal in the style of Enya, about feeling good and be alright. Lush instrumentation, sweet harmonies. New Age,Ethereal,New Age,Enya Peaceful, beautiful,Enya calming,meditative, sincere, relaxed,meditative, reflective, Longing, Emotional, easy, elegant, inspirational, motivating, contemplative, Tender, cool, warm, Vibrant, Atmospheric, Sweet, Hopeful, positive, optimistic, successful, motivational, moving, Appealing, dreamy, Soothing, plain, laidback, tranquil, love, Enya romantic,Enya heart, romance, Enya background, soundtrack, underscore, New Age, Enya, vocal, song, voice, yoga, female

Description: Very relaxing new age music. Ideal for Spas, massage therapy and for deep meditation. Slow meditational new age soothing song, emotional piano music for meditative moods

Description: solo bittersweet harp piece resolves through two parts. 60 seconds, suggested for tender emotional scenes or to underscore images of inner strength.

Description: An ambient, aquatic, abstract instrumental bed featuring pads

Description: Brano tratto dall'album "Psikedelika" di Alaya

Description: Beautiful instrumental new age style, guitar and piano instrumentation, sweet harmonies, suitable for environment, pollution, evolution, history, discovery, medical, meditative films. New Age, Enya, Atmospheric, New Age Warm, meditative, Calm New Age, Peaceful, Dreamy, New Age Ethereal, Soulful, Emotional ,New Age Peace, Repetitive, Thoughtful, Environment, Pollution, Evolution, Discovery, Relaxing, Tender, Vibrant, Beautiful, New Age Moody, Earthy, Pleased, Reflective, Sublime, Friendly, Humble, Smooth, nature, environment, pollution, evolution, history, discovery, medical, meditative, ambient, dreamy,New Age sky, sad, guitar, New Age ambience, yoga, historical, documentary, slow, New Age acoustic guitar, medium tempo

Description: Calming and ethereal, "Om" is a mystical meditation cue for any surreal or slow motion moment in your project that needs an ambient or sci fi sound. Tender and soft, this relaxing track is also perfect for moments of loss and longing or intimate, yet uncomfortable moments of your film.

Description: Heavenly and soothing, "Peaceful Bliss" is a beautiful score featuring ambient vocal choir and simple repetitive music. Innocent and tender, this piece is a warm mood enhancer. Great for romance, relaxation, or any soft moment when you need your soul to smile.

Description: This peaceful new age fusion music combines a soft and beautiful style with a modern twist. The hypnotic melodies a complimented with a smooth tone and ethereal vibe. This music works great with nature, ads, travel, business, television, and much more.

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