Description: Beautiful piano melodies and light orchestration creating a warm, loving atmosphere of peace, love and tranquility. This gorgeous New Age piece would be a nice underscore for romantic scenes, Valentines Day events, massage, yoga, meditation or any project needing a serene and loving feel.

Description: new age instrumental Poetic with a spanish flamenco guitar in a jazzy context.

Description: new age ambient instrumental. Jazzy and poetic.

Description: new age ambient instrumental vocal, like enya..

Description: this piece reminds you of a european cool summer breeze in nice, france.

Description: a song that describes the painful breakup that everyone experiences in their lifetime.

Description: a nice instrumental track that's supposed to depict two lovers playing games.

Description: solo bittersweet harp piece resolves through two parts. 60 seconds, suggested for tender emotional scenes or to underscore images of inner strength.

Description: moody piano pattern with percussion, cello and haunting minimoog v motif. suggested for ethereal ambience such as time lapse effect or transition scene.

Description: warm and calm this ballad with acoustic guitar & piano sets a scene of reverent peaceful times of long ago.

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