Description: stirring string quartet theme.

Description: Driving, Energetic, Upbeat, Good Transitions and hits throughout. Cool intro and Strong ending.

Description: guitar instrumental stinger / cue.

Description: harpsichord version of string quartet theme - (4 of 5).

Description: string quartet play upbeat positive theme.

Description: drum and bass style music slower and classical feel.

Description: Solo piano plays simple, subtle melody with ringing single notes, progressing to chords in bridge, returning to first part and resolving to fade on final chord. Suggested for scenes of romantic, intimate moments. Also for heartfelt narration, public service announcements. Key of F

Description: heavy electric guitar stinger/cue.

Description: Words often fail when they're needed most. Piano and nothing else!

Description: Wonderful pretty Ukelele guitar track with multiple versions, fun feelings that touch the listener, I have made a large number of lovely tracks which are here also for you to listen to if you choose under my name. These are very versatile and fit into visual applications with simplicity.