Description: A piece that depicts momentum and drive, close string counterpoint with theme being taken up by piano. In the style of minimalist film music like Phillip Glass

Description: What do our mothers dream of? Piano and nothing else!

Description: Solo piano plays simple, subtle melody with ringing single notes, progressing to chords in bridge, returning to first part and resolving to fade on final chord. Suggested for scenes of romantic, intimate moments. Also for heartfelt narration, public service announcements. Key of F

Description: Words often fail when they're needed most. Piano and nothing else!

Description: Dirty synths and electro melody. Time is now Zeitgeist Vibe! Sleek and sexy electro tune. pacy percussion driving the track along, fast and vibrant tones. Works well for any advertising or product placement. Tight breaks to allow sharp and easy edits. Will compliment and scene with fast movement.

Description: This song is a fun and quirky instrumental tune featuring tuba and bells. It will work well as background music in many applications, including comedy and projects aimed toward children.

Description: Piano plays bittersweet solo arrangement with recurring uplifting progression to ending resolution.

Description: Solo piano plays sentimental piece combining simple motifs with close harmony, suggested for intimate scenes of reflection, optimism.

Description: A dark and serious Music Box track with inquisitive melodies.

Description: A slow moving and very pretty Music Box track.

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