Description: Cliche evil and bad. It's a biggie for the baddie - dangerous, dark and haunting, drama oozes from every note. Opens with a clap of thunder, followed by a cathedral organ, male choir and brass section. Perfect intro cue for the arched villain in comedy, children's pantomime, or Halloween, plus drama. 60sec and 60sec with and without fx

Description: Classy piece with nostalgic film-score feel. Piano, full orchestra, drums and bass. Emotional, elegant, dreamy and uplifting - this track captures the true cinematic sound of the past.

Description: Uplifting and inspiring piece with cool R&B groove and happy whistle melody. This track is great as fun, carefree music to put everyone in a good mood!

Description: Piano music in positive presentable key. Good for official intro and historical program video design.

Description: Fun Hip Hop track combined with a humorous southern line-dance feel. Groovy beat with twangy electric guitars and vocal samples. Great for comedy, cartoon, funny youtube videos!

Description: Quirky line-dance Country track with catchy southern guitar, cheerful beat and vocals. Joyful, uplifting and fun! Great for comedy use.

Description: She Glow (instrumental relaxing vibe)

Description: Slow and Mysterious Track; slightly slower than Dark Cabin 1

Description: Slow and mysterious track

Description: Dramatic building music cue. The camera zooms in from space flying over vast deep blue oceans, meeting huge crashing waves. Opens gently with a single note played by violins, gradually expanding with slow piano chords, then blooming into huge epic crescendos with swelling cymbal crashing waves.

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