Description: metal song with no vocals, heavy riffs, crisp drums.

Description: From intense and dark to epic and triumphant to shredding angst this metal song covers a lot of ground while maintaining an intense pace!

Description: a rocking metal song that starts off slow and lamenting but quickly builds in intensity and complexity to culminate in harmonized guitars, screams and clean vocals of several inflections with harmonies as well, a lush breakdown with heartbreaking solo fills the middle of this emotional battlefield with an eye of calm before the storm surges back with riff after pummeling riff and some tasty solos, the end has some moments that sound straight from ...and justice for all!

Description: Rock song with vocals and tight complex guitar work over simple drums that has many different moods and soaring vocals that suddenly bludgeons the listener with a heaviness hard to put into words with a neat riff pulling up the rear of the song

Description: This song is metal, kind of sludgy '90s tone rife with riffs, tempo changes, screamed vocals and crushing drumming that goes from shredding to a 2 measure section of blues to brutal death metal!

Description: A live recording of a bunch of bad to the bone riffs back to back to back!

Description: guitar and drums only song in the metal genre

Description: guitar and drums only song in the metal genre